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It was 1970 when our father Renato, who always had a great passion for wine, had the lucky intuition to buy this property, in the heart of Chianti Classico, with its perfect position and exposure to grow Sangiovese. The constant exposure to the sun inspired our father to call our winery Solatione.

It took two years to make this land suitable for growing vines. Back in those days there were no modern machinery to make the work easier.

The first harvest was in 1974. Family and friends were called to helps us out in reaching this new milestone. It was a great celebration for the whole family who would gather around the table for a well deserved meal at the end of the day. Sadly in 1999 our dad passed away, but his passion and dedication for this work had been passed on to us children who, as a natural consequence took over the winery.

This photo shows us today: mum Renata, Francesca with her son Elia, Fabio and Elisabetta with their son Lorenzo.

We are all together committed to make Solatione “a small winery with a great wine”, a phrase that we consider our motto.

We are in the heart of Chianti Classico, on a hill that rises about 450 metres above sea level with a wonderful exposure to the sun, hence the name: SOLATIONE tuscan winery.

The estate covers 14 hectares of land, of which 6 are planted with vines. The soil has an important structure with 65% of pure Alberese, a considerable skeleton of calcareous rock that particularly enhances the structure and minerality of the wines produced. The mixture of mineral substance gives colour, brilliance and secondary aromas that are characteristic of this structure. Our vines are trained in the guyot and spurred cordon shape; the main variety grown is Sangiovese and in 2006 we started using also our Merlot grapes, partly to make up the blends of Chianti Classico and Riserva, but mostly for our I.G.T. “ROSSOMBROSO”.

Making high quality wines is our mission, our philosophy, and for this we work hard in the vineyard: between July and August we carry out the “Green Harvest”, that is the manual selection of excess bunches, which are removed to let those that are left on the vine to reach perfect ripening and to improve the quality of the final product.


Via Valigondoli, 53
Mercatale In Val di Pesa FI – Italy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +39 055 821623


























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Sololui IGT
By Solatione_Tuscan_Winery

Sololui IGT

Elegant and smooth on the palate with evident acidity. Long and balanced tannins.

CheeseRed meatStews

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Rossombroso IGT
By Solatione_Tuscan_Winery

Rossombroso IGT

Full body and long lasting on the palate. Soft and intense with great structure and elegance.

CheeseChocolateRed meat

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