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Cantine Terre Astesane was founded in 1901. The Social Astesane lands of Mombercelli Cellar is one of the oldest guilds in Piemonte.

Terre Astesane winery is located in the middle of Tigliole valley. A medieval castle towers over the estate from the top of one of the many gentle hills of this land, which is one the most suitable areas for viticulture in the region.

The winery has been constantly improving the quality of its products for years, Barbera d’Asti above all the others.

The owners built the actual Terre Astesane establishment in 1955 and expanded it over the decades with the bottling department, the outside of wine making Department and, in 2001, with the renovation of the store and the meeting room. In 2015 the winemakers bought 26 hectares of land and are now  planting vineyards of different grape varieties.

The Terre Astesane winery can count on 130 members in the municipalities of Mombercelli, Agliano, Belveglio and Montaldo Scarampi who farm 220 hectares of vineyard and it owns 26 hectares of land. The vineyards cover 11% of the company lands and produce 15.000 hectolitres of wine each year. Most of it, the 70%, is Barbera d’Asti. But Grignolino, Cortese, Branchetto, Chardonnay, Freisa also play a relevant role in the overall production.

The company uses modern tools both for vinification and bottling. But its wines are still a testament to the great tradition and quality handed down from generation to generation.

The best Barbera grapes from our vineyards hone with patience in our cellar to give birth to a Superior quality Barbera d’Asti.


Via Marconi 18, 14047 Mombercelli (AT) – Italy

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