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Guardastelle winery is immersed in the perfumes of Tuscany, where history becomes art and stirs your emotions. Nobody knows the exact construction date of the building. However we can safely say that its central part dates back to the middle of the fifteenth century. At that time, the estate of the Guicciardini family spread over hundreds of hectares in the Val d’Elsa Senese. Guardastelle is in fact near the unique San Giminiano fortified village. 

Enlarged over the centuries in order to house the children of the peasants, the last part of the house was built in the 1950s. In 1984 Sestilio, purchased it in poor conditions. His intention was to rediscover the spirit of country life with his family, but this was only possible for a short period due to his untimely death. 

However, is daughter Susanna, still very young, took over the reins of the winegrowing and farming concern to prevent it from being sold. Thanks to her growing passion, in 1997 she decided to start making wine from her own grapes in the winery built and fitted out by her father. Therefore she started producing wines and extra-virgin olive oil under the brand Sovestro in Poggio. In 2003 she began renovation works on the house and, after four years of work, she endowed Guardastelle with its current appearance.

Today Susanna and Fausto, as custodians of the beauty and richness of this land, carry out every single gesture with care and commitment. In other worlds, here you can feel at home. They provide the fruits of their work and share with you the history of their traditions. A unique and authentic experience indeed.

“Guardastelle is our past, with the traditions and passion that the family has passed down to us. And at the same time it is our future that we build with love and dedication day by day.

Susanna and Fausto.


Località Sovestro – 53037 San Gimignano (Siena) – Italy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +39 0577907209































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