Le Forcacce Bianco IGT Viognier 100%

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“Le Forcacce” is a niche product that the market is increasingly appreciating, since it is a dry white wine made with 100% Viognier grapes.

Viognier is a wine with unique characteristics: it combines the structure of the best Chardonnays with the freshness of Sauvignon Blanc and its bouquet offers “aromatic” and tropical notes worthy of a Gewurztraminer. It is able to unleash all its great aromatic sumptuousness only when brought to ideal maturity. The annual production is 80 quintals of grapes per hectare.

“Le Forcacce” White Wine Tuscan IGT has a bright yellow color, with clear floral notes of white rose petals, lime, acacia and broom. In the mouth there are very pronounced fruit sensations of peach and apricot. Together they produce a great aromatic sweetness perfectly balanced by good freshness and persistent minerality.

Ideal with cheeses, even very mature ones, very tasty fish – even stewed – and white meats.

Serve at a temperature of 13° C.

It has an alcohol content of 14%.


Production method

The freshly hand-picked grapes undergo a brief cold maceration. Fermentation continues for 20 days at a low temperature (about 15° C). The wine obtained, after a period of storage in stainless steel for about 6 months, is transferred to wooden barrels for about 3 months of refinement. Refinement in bottles lasts at least 6 months.


Floral notes of white rose petals, lime, acacia and broom.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



14% vol

Grape varieties



Small batch production

Serving temperature


Food pairings

Cheese, Fish, White meat


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